Ohio Youth Football Leagues

Youth-football-leagues.com has 14 youth football leagues in Ohio listed below. They are sorted alphabetically. If you have a correction or you wish to add a league, contact us at info@youth-football-leagues.com.

Delaware Optimist Football

Founded in 1991 in Delaware, Ohio, this league serves kids 8 to 12 years old playing on 18 teams in Delaware City, and the Kilbourne, Ashley, Ostrander and Elgin/Marion areas. You can email the league at football@delawareoptimistclub.com.

Dublin Football League

This flag & tackle league is based in Dublin, Ohio, for kids in grades one through six. Spots for kids who are not residents of Dublin are given when available. You can contact the league at 614-470-2600 or via their contact screen

Fairfield County Youth Football League

Based in Lancaster, Ohio, the FCYFL hosts teams from Cedarlen, Cherry Street, Glasco Park, Hocking, Lanreco, Maher, Miller and Rising. The league is for kids in grades 3 through 6. Contact the league via email

Junior Football League of Westerville

Contact this Westerville, Ohio league via email

Tri-State Youth Football League

Established in 1972, this youth football league includes teams from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. These include the communities of Barboursville, Beverly Hills, Cammack, Chesapeake,  Enslow, Lincoln, Oley, South Point, Buffalo, Cox’s Landing, Duval, Fairland, Hamlin, Malcom Springs, Milton, and Vinson. Participants are 6 to 12 years old and weight restrictions apply. Contact the league through their Contacts screen.

Western Ohio Junior Football Conference

This leagues is for children up to 6th grades. 

Whitehall Bantam Football Association

Founded in 1964, WBFA provides football oppotunies for kids in PreK to th grade in three divisions.

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